the conference, real and virtual

We will celebrate our first 50 years with a conference on the theme of commemoration on Thursday October 29 and Friday October 30, 2015.

We have invited six distinguished colleagues to campus on those days to help us think about what it means to commemorate dates, events, spaces, and people. FRIT and other Pitt faculty will join in the fun as well (acting as presenters and respondents), and we invite all of our friends, alums, and emeriti faculty to comment on the conference theme in this space, as well, whether you can make it to Pittsburgh or not on our big day. Watch these pages for questions, prompts, and discussion opportunities…

In the meantime, contribute to our collaborative timelines of commemoration-worthy events, people, places, and years in French, Francophone, and Italian cultures via the submission forms found on the “timeline of francophone cultural history” and “timeline of italian cultural history” pages under this tab. FRIT faculty have gotten things started, but we need your help to flesh things out!